Railing system

Railing system



Aluminium and glass railing system
Ref.:Ref. : AV System

Endowed with sublime elegance, the new aluminium and glass railing system AV follows on the minimalist lines oriented to the modern architecture where aesthetic rules. 

From simple design, the system seeks to respond to current architectural trends regarding the funcionality and structural security that are required.




Rectangular section fixing profile 41x120mmFilling

From 12 to 20 mm

Glass thickness


Pool fence: glass 12mm (6+6)

Places for residential activity: glass 16mm (8+8)

Public facilities places: glass 20mm (10+10)Glass recommended

Laminated | Laminated - Tempered

Test Results

CE Marking (NP 4491:2009):


Tes nº OEF039/13 - 06-11-2013:

- ABLE (Residencial activity - fixing every 200mm)

Ensaio nº OEF040/13 - 06-11-2013:

- ABLE (Residencial activity - fixing every 400mm)

Ensaio nº OEF041/13 - 06-11-2013:

- APTO (Public facilities - fixing every 400mm)