Opening system

Opening system



38mm Opening system
Ref.:SB System

SB system has a high number of aesthetic and functional solutions, thus being considered one of the most complete on the market. It is ideal for projects in which the quality/price relationship is one of the distinguishing factors.



Straight | Round | Decorative | Oval

Fixed frame

38 mm | 45 mm | 70 mm | 72mm

Mobile frame

38 mm | 45 mm


From 4mm to 32mm


EPDM Joints

Maximum weight/leaf

Casement (In/Out 1|2 folhas) - 150Kg
Door (In/Out 1|2 folhas) -  180Kg
Tilt and turn - 150Kg
Hopper - 70Kg
Pivotante Vertical - 60Kg
Pivotante Horizontal | Fold - 80Kg
Tilt and slide - 150Kg
Awning - 120Kg

Test Results

CE Marking (EN 14351-1:2006 + A1:2010):

AIR Permeability: Class 4

WATER Tightness: Class 7A

WIND Resistance: Class B3